Walking Services

My dog walking services are designed with the individual needs of each canine in mind. Whether it’s a quick half-hour stroll for energetic pups, an extended one-hour adventure, or a structured one-hour walk with “loose leash training,” I prioritize the well-being and enrichment of our furry friends. Through tailored experiences, I aim to strengthen the bond between dogs and our pet parents, promoting both physical fitness and positive behavioral development.

Private Sessions

Private pet training classes provide a personalized and focused approach, tailoring training techniques to meet the specific needs of both the pet and the pet parent. These one-on-one sessions allow for a deeper understanding of the pet’s behavior and enable the pet parent to actively participate in the training process. This individualized approach strengthens the bond between the pet and its owner while ensuring that the training aligns with the owner’s goals and lifestyle.

Board & Train

A board and train service provides an intensive dog training program where owners send their pets to me for a few weeks. During this time, we work on obedience, behavior modification, and socialization. The immersive environment ensures consistent training, making it an ideal option for busy owners seeking a well-behaved and obedient dog. This service is particularly effective for addressing behavioral issues and establishing a strong foundation for a positive owner-pet relationship.


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