Board & Train

Puppy Foundation Program

Perfect for puppies aged 2-6 months, this program offers a gentle introduction to structured training. The program focuses on essential skills such as potty training, socialization, confidence building, and exploratory walks. My goal is to establish a foundation of structure and expose your puppy to various environments, helping them become a well-adjusted and confident dog. They’ll learn to navigate unfamiliar situations without reacting aggressively or fearfully.


Basic Obedience Training

Our 4-week Basic Obedience program is designed to give owners a hands-on experience in training their dogs. Owners are actively involved in the process, starting with dropping off their dog on Monday mornings and picking them up by Friday evenings. This structure allows owners to work with their dog over the weekend, reinforcing the week’s lessons and preparing for the next week’s training.

Contact me for availability and stay tuned for more details on our soon-to-expand board and train service!

  • Kennel Training: Your dog will learn to enter the kennel quietly, remain inside, and be released on command.
  • Place Training: Your dog will learn to stay in a designated place when commanded.
  • Sits/Downs: Your dog will learn to sit and lie down on command, maintaining these positions despite distractions.
  • Recall: Your dog will reliably return to you when called.
  • Loose Leash Walking: Your dog will learn to walk beside you in the “Heel” position, following your lead without pulling or getting distracted.

$3,950 (food to be provided by owner)

Off-Leash Freedom Training

Experience the ultimate freedom with the Leashless Walking program. This 3-week intensive program includes e-collar training, allowing your dog to enjoy freedom while maintaining effective communication with you. Your dog will learn to “be a dog” without being tethered to you, ensuring a harmonious and enjoyable experience for both of you.

Owner Involvement

At Heaven and Heel, I believe that training the owner is as important as training the dog. That’s why my Off-Leash Freedom Training program involves dropping off your dog Monday mornings and picking them up Friday evenings. This allows you to spend the weekend with your pup and be incorporated into the training plan. It’s encouraged for owners to be involved, and sending dogs home every weekend gives owners an opportunity to employ the training methods used.

Limited Availability

Please note that these services are highly coveted and highly limited. It is essential to book in advance, and there may be a waiting list. To secure your spot in my Off-Leash Freedom Training program, contact me today!

$2,900 (includes e-collar valued at $230)

Happy dog during board and training

Transform Your Dog’s World:
From Pup to Polished Companion!

After exploring the extensive benefits of our training programs, you’re on the verge of unlocking your dog’s full potential. My personalized approach guarantees that your furry friend gets the tailored attention they require to thrive. Whether you’re looking to build a strong foundation with my “Puppy Foundation Program,” enhance obedience with the “Basic Obedience Training,” or achieve off-leash freedom with the “Off-Leash Freedom Training,” I’m dedicated to supporting you at every step. Join me in nurturing a harmonious bond with your dog – enroll today and start an exciting journey towards a well-trained and joyful companion!

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential: Join My Off-Leash Freedom Training Program Today

Experience the remarkable difference with this Off-Leash Freedom Training program, where your dog’s true potential shines. My personalized approach guarantees your furry friend receives the focused attention required to thrive. I’m here to support you every step of the way on this transformative journey. Join me in building a harmonious bond with your dog – enroll today and embark on an exciting path towards a well-trained and joyful companion!

Transform Your Dog’s Behavior with Our Basic Obedience Training Program!

Transform your dog into the perfect companion with our Basic Obedience Training program! Experience the amazing progress as your furry friend learns essential commands and becomes a well-behaved member of your family. This personalized approach guarantees your dog receives the focused attention needed to thrive. I’m here to support you every step of the way on this incredible journey. Join me in creating a harmonious bond with your dog – enroll today and start the exciting path towards a well-trained and joyful companion!

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